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HAL Programming by Building

NorthsideHaywardMiddle School
  1. One 60 min. session a week (Fri.)
  1. Four 25-30 min. sessions a week (M-Th.)
  2. HAL Inspiring Artists' Club (Tuesdays 3:30-4:00)
  1. HAL Seminars (Quarterly)
  2. Two 25 min. sessions per month (2nd & 4th Wed. AM) 
Leader & Location
  1. Led by Mrs. Sherwin in the Computer Lab
  1. Led by Mrs. Sherwin in Room 102 or Computer Lab
  2. Led by Mrs. Lechner-Holmes & Mrs. Adkins (HAL Facilitators) 
  1. Organized by Mrs. Sherwin
  2. Led by Mrs. Sjulin (HAL Facilitator) in Room 216 
  1. Students are using Scratch to code their own interactive games.
  1. 3rd & 4th Grade are participating in Genius Hour/Passion Projects. 5th Grade is studying cryptography.
  2. Learn about famous artists, art forms/styles, and create artwork using different techniques.
  1. Guest speakers & activities will vary.
  2. Intellectually stimulating problem-solving & critical-thinking challenges.